Saturday, February 6, 2010

Day Job, Home Business, Twitter, Facebook, Website, Etsy, Life Balance?

My day starts at 5:30am when I get ready to go to my full time day job, which happens to be very stressful, I get home around 6:00pm, get dinner ready and get right on the computer, make any orders that I received and hopefully I can get to bed by 1:00am and its exhausting, but I am VERY determined to make this work! It is my dream to make a living owning my own business, so my question is this...

How do you find the time to balance all that comes with trying to jump start your own business while working a full time day job, taking care of the kids, dogs, keeping up with twitter, facebook, blogging, making products, updating website,advertising, marketing, networking, etc.? It seems like the only way to make your business successful is by having lots of time to dedicate to it, so what are the secrets of those who have been able to make the transition from having a full time day job to now running your successful business and actually being able to support yourself and your family?